Steel City Warriors Basketball

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Mission Statement:

Our goal is to develop the character of the players through positive leadership, discipline, and a structured environment. We want our athletes to excel in education, basketball, and character. We seek to teach life skills through the sport of basketball and develop young men with character and respect, both on and off the court. 


"I would just like to say a few words about Daryl Givner and the Steel City Warriors AAU basketball program. My oldest son, a few years ago played for Daryl for three years. Daryl not only taught the players the game of basketball, but at the same time he was fair with all the players, and always had the players best interest in mind, both as players and young men. My younger son is now playing for him. If you are looking for an AAU program where your son can grow both as a player and a person, I think you should consider looking at Daryl Givner and the Steel City Warriors. It was and is a very positive experience."                                      Tom Ross

"One of my sons has played for Coach Givner for the last three years. I now have two sons playing for and one coaching with him. There is NO ONE better in our area at developing student-athletes both on AND off the court. Your child becomes part of a special hoops family. Some may have bigger sponsors and fancier uniforms, but if you want to invest your time & money wisely, Steel City Warriors is the place to be."

                                                                                       Paul Buffington

"Coach Givner is not your typical coach. He diligently assesses a player's talent and works with him towards developing it to its full potential. If a player is lacking a skill in any certain aspect, he zones in on it, addresses it with the player, and challenges him to work his hardest on improving it. Coach does not accept nor appreciate hearing from any player that he was told he is not good enough by another coach. Instead, he takes that same player to a level beyond good - to great! A lot of coaches can learn immensely from the example he sets forth with his players."

                                                                       Frank M. Cherup

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